Local knowledge of your market and business
Speech adapted to the target
High quality translation and creative editorial

Anglo-Saxon Groups

IT / High Tech areas

With a strong know-how in strategy, marketing and business development acquired during 17 years in US High Tech Groups (Eastman Kodak, Wamnet, Autodesk) and during 12 years in consulting and services for High Tech businesses, we propose consulting and marketing localization services to develop your business in France.

Marketing and Business development
• Channel sales development
• IT Alliances development
• Channel marketing (partner programs and incentives)
• Marketing programs that influence the demand generation and the client loyalty
• Events organization

Marketing localization
The marketing resources are centralized within your headquarter and you need to localize them to meet the French Business Unit objectives: communicate efficiently with the markets, developing your corporate branding and generating demand.

Gain quality and efficiency in the localization into French of your marketing resources:
• We know your markets and their specificities, and the terminology related IT and High Tech areas
• We write a speech adapted to the target and the local culture
• We offer a high quality in translation and writing of your published and online communication tools: brochure, datasheet, white paper, PPT presentation, conference speech, POS, website, emailing, webcast speech, video subtitling…

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